Frisco Root Canal

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Dental anxiety is very common, especially if you are already in pain. And it doesn't help when you think about the sounds of drilling that you associate with serious dental work. Have you ever been to the dentist and you get the bad news that you need a root canal? Perhaps it's the name that scares people, or the guilty fear of what happens when we don't take care of our teeth properly. Well, don't fret. A root canal is one of the most well-practiced dental procedures, and your dentist will keep you pain-free and have you done in no time. Sometimes, just being more informed can ease your nerves.

What is a Root Canal?

Once your teeth are fully developed, the pulp is no longer needed inside your teeth. The pulp in your teeth is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue to help your teeth grow. However, sometimes this pulp stays in your teeth for a long time and can lead to a painful infection. If left untreated without a root canal, not only will pain persist, you can lose your tooth.

The root canal procedure takes around 30-90 minutes depending on the severity of the root canal and the person's mouth. In some cases where pain and infection are present, your dentist may be able to prescribe antibiotics and pain medication. The procedure is done as follows:

  • A local anesthetic will be applied to the nerves that lead to the tooth
  • A rubber suction will be placed around the tooth to keep the area clean during the treatment
  • A small hole will be drilled into the tooth
  • The infected pulp will be removed
  • The root canal space is disinfected
  • The endodontist will then fill the root canal space with a biocompatible material called Gutta Percha. The access cavity will be covered with a temporary material and will be assessed for permanent restoration

You may be a candidate for a root canal if:

  • You're experiencing sensitive teeth for a prolonged period (hot and cold)
  • Your gums and jaw are painful and swollen
  • Your jaw and tooth hurts
  • You have a fractured or cracked tooth

A root canal will not only relieve your pain, and in most cases, the procedure itself is relatively painless. The procedure is not what it used to be, so if you have reservations make sure to talk to your dentist.

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